Chandler & Melissa Collver

Chandler is the youngest of the four children. He says that he grew up with great examples from his siblings – Ashley, Erin, and Cameron – and his parents, Noel and Sharon. He has always been around music, because of his family’s desire to minister in the gifts God gave them. In his early teenage years, Chandler started to find his own place in the world of music by picking up the guitar and spending hours and hours in his room, allowing God to teach him how to play. He continued to let that gift be developed by playing in bands with Cameron while still in Georgia, most often in church and at JC Pineapples, the teen club his dad had founded. He was an instrumentalist in the marching band at school, showing his versatility by playing several instruments. He was, and continues to be, accomplished on any guitar, as well as the piano/keys. After moving to Oklahoma with his family, he continued to play in bands with his friends. Under great leadership from the music department of Rhema Bible Church, he started to branch out into leading worship more and writing songs, while playing with The Sunday Night Band, The Synergy Band, and The Prayer and Healing School Band. One of his compositions, “Revival”, was included in a 2009 DVD project, done entirely by Rhema’s Axis Youth Band, with whom he played bass guitar. While living in Oklahoma, Chandler traveled the country leading worship at churches and youth camps. It was also during his time there that Chandler met the one who would become his wife, Melissa, and they married in 2014. They are now the parents of their sweet daughter, Emery. Chandler has been rewarded with management positions, in his jobs in Oklahoma and Georgia, and these promotions have come quickly. Just a little over a year into their marriage, Chandler and Melissa followed God’s plan for their lives by moving to Georgia and helping with the launch of Dream Church. Chandler now preaches and teaches on Sunday mornings, and at the weekly Bible studies. He and Melissa began the very earliest phase of the youth ministry of Dream Church, and his influence is expanding as he will now assume responsibilities for the ministry of children and youth alike, with the Next Gen Leadership Team. Chandler has great insight of scriptural principles, and is fun-loving about life, while serious about the call of God. He is very involved in the church’s music team, vocally and instrumentally, and serves as the band leader for Dream Church and Collver Family Ministries.

Melissa was involved, even at an early age, in the churches her family attended, where her parents would serve as Children’s Pastors. She helped in teaching the children, and was a volunteer in numerous classes. While in high school, Melissa took up photography, as she had always “had an eye for it”. At the same time, while in her church youth group, Melissa’s passion for missions grew and grew. She and the group went on a trip to Columbia that changed her heart forever. Melissa had multiple jobs and pursued different hobbies; yet, she always knew she would be a part of a church plant someday, somewhere. Melissa married her high school sweetheart, Chandler, and they now have a beautiful little girl, Emery. Melissa is an artist. Melissa is compassionate and outgoing – a combination which makes her a fearless evangelist. You’ll find her inviting people to church at any given moment. She sings with the family, supplying a strong alto to the mix, and oversees all hospitality responsibilities. She and Chandler have begun their pursuit of relationships with the youth of the city, and have been mentoring some very precious young people. They will continue to minister to the youth, but will be impacting the younger children, as well, as they work with the Next Gen Leadership Team. Melissa continues to build her business, The Vine Photography, and is the photographer for Dream Church and Collver Family Ministries.